Management 24/7

Discover the six skills
every manager must master.

Learn how to apply the six critical skills you need to be a successful manager. From problem solving to motivating, Management 24/7 teaches a simple model that you can apply today. (85 pages)

“Dr. Jim is a genius in leadership
& organizational excellence.”

Dr. Nido Qubein
President, High Point University
Chairman, Great Harvest Bread

Master These Six Skills:

Problem Solving

Planning & Organizing

Learn the problem-solving tips that will help your management thrive.

How to create the right priorities and structure to ensure great results.


Master the essential components of communication to grow a solid team.


Discover how to free your time for the things that really matter.


Learn how to recognize what is and is not a training issue.


Powerful ways to inspire excellence throughout your company.

About the Author:

Jim Harris, PhD
Director, 24/7 Institute
Founder, To a Higher Level, LLC

Solve real problems ... and forget the rest.

Separate what's important from what's urgent for you and your team.

Implement the four steps of delegation ... and give yourself more free time.

Look inside

Look inside

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Advisor to Leaders

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